The Ride For Roswell 2019

Our 2018 Team!
Our 2018 Team!

Buffalo Eats


We're putting together the fifth annual Buffalo Eats Ride for Roswell team. There have been many people in our lives affected by cancer (including cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and in-laws) and I'm sure most of you can say the same. In the last four years, Team Bufflao Eats has been able to raise over $31,000 thanks to generous sponsors, friends/family and our awesome riders.

We are getting the band back together for another year and are asking you to donate whatever you can to help raise money for cancer research!

For all of our business owner/chef friends out there, you can sponsor our team for just a $100 donation. That means we'll share your business over all three social media platforms (over 60,000 followers), your logo on our shirts and being listed on our donor list on the website:

Thanks for looking and please donate! Or join the team!

Our 2019 Sponsors!

  • Vertex Solutions ( - 5X Sponsor!
  • My Buffalo Shirt ( - 5X Sponsor!
  • Hydraulic Hearth ( - 4X Sponsor!
  • Lloyd Taco Trucks & Factory ( - 3X Sponsor!
  • Marble + Rye ( - 3X Sponsor!
  • Amherst Ale House ( - 2X Sponsor!
  • Angelica Tea Room ( - 2X Sponsor!
  • CVM Electric ( - 2X Sponsor!
  • Fresh Catch Poke Co ( - 2X Sponsor!
  • Peg's Hardware (
  • Wagmore Kennel (
  • Daff (
  • Swan Street Diner (
  • Kazoo II
  • This Little Pig (
  • Bar Bill Tavern (
  • 189 Public House (
  • Feature Meals (
  • B-K Lighting (
  • Perks Cafe (
  • FFAE Architects 



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