The Ride For Roswell 2017

V3 2016 Team!
V3 2016 Team!

Valerie's Victorious Velocipedists

Welcome to Valerie's Victorious Velocipedists' Ride for Roswell 2017 team!

A special welcome to the new team members for this year who have signed up so far, the Ferraro family (Henrik, Elizabeth, William and Alexander), Chuck and Judy Wilson, Paula Parke, and my brother Todd, coming in for the event from Spain! In addition to my personal goal of $25,000, I have set a lofty goal of $40,000 for our team. WE CAN DO IT! We are currently #7 on the list of top TEAM fundraisers!

It's time to think of all those people in your life who may be wiling to support your efforts in helping to fund a cure for cancer. I dug deep into every aspect of my life and have contacted over 300 people via email, Facebook and good old snail mail (enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for better feedback). It was some work to put it all together, but when we're talking about saving people's lives (including my own), it's obviously worth it.

The Ride for Roswell website is quite helpful in organizing your contacts and keeping track of donations and thank yous. It will show you who has read your emails and who has not, and notifies you when you get a donation so you can acknowledge the gift. You can also easily send emails to subsets of your contact list.

UPDATE! If you want to see what routes other members of our team are riding, go to the Team Roster, open the page for an individual rider and scroll down to their "Badges".  There will be a badge that indicates that rider's route.

Keep in mind that the Celebration of Hope is held on Friday evening at UB before the Ride on Saturday.  It is a really moving and inspirational night. I would encourage you to think about going if it fits into your schedule. The weather could not have been better for both events last year, so hopefully the sun will shine on us again.

Thank you for gearing up for this amazing event. Your support is appreciated by me and many, many others whose lives depend on it! Bring in those $$ for cancer research and get your butt in shape for a long ride!

Love, Valerie

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