The Ride For Roswell 2017

Team West Herr at the Ellicott Park rest stop
Team West Herr at the Ellicott Park rest stop

West Herr




  • If you've ridden with us in the past.....WELCOME back   
  • If you've rode in the RIDE in previous years either as a single rider or as part of a team that's no longer active....WELCOME we'd love to have you join our team
  • If you're new to the RIDE and not quite sure about all the ins and outs of such a large event.....WELCOME we'll be glad to show you the ropes

Why join TEAM 


  • Large Team.....with several hundred riders making up our team you'll be able to make new friends and if you don't already have a one, find a riding partner for the RIDE
  • Large Team's a great place to meet up with fellow riders either before or after the RIDE. We have a catered breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks all day long.
  • Fun rides.....we have a ride or two leading up to the RIDE so you can get to know some of your fellow team members, have a great reason to getthe  bike out of storage and have a bit of fun.
  • part of what we hope will be our most successful fundraising year ever. With a $500,000 goal we can use all the help we can get in our efforts to support the tremendous work being done at Roswell
When registering enter Westherr2017 to waive the registration fee









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